Challenge: Modeling career can be quite inconsistent and has it’s ups and downs, there can be a significant down time especially during the first few years of development. We understand the instability of the modeling industry which sometimes can lead to a financial crunch. 

Solution: Company that provides models with event based work that is flexible, fun, and well paid. A staffing firm committed to helping models to enjoy the modeling industry by eliminating the struggle of balancing stringent work schedule with the inconsistency of casting calls.

Challenge: Putting together a high-end event requires attention to detail, impeccable service is at the core of production. The esthetic image is vital, the staff is the face of your event. It’s a struggle to find sharp, clean cut and professional help to wow your guests and deliver an unforgettable experience. 

Solution: Company that offers experienced, charismatic, professional and the most polished looking staff to make your event one to remember. Our models will create an exceptional and one of a kind of atmosphere that will mesmerize your guests. 

    Runway Waiters is a win/win concept that accommodates both parties. Whether you’re a model in need of a job or an event producer looking for models to glamorize your function, we are here to help you.