Street Team

Need assistance with your promotional campaign? Our Runway Street Team of Brand Ambassadors bring the marketing straight to your audience and event! Promotional work is becoming more and more of a hands-on industry with crowd engagements and interaction, and here at RWW, we have the perfect group of lively individuals to bring your marketing to life! Our top agency signed models know exactly how to bring awareness to your product with their personable attitudes and dynamic energy!

Street teams are all the buzz as they integrate face-to face engagement directly with your consumers, and who better to market your product than a stunning model! RWW has created countless memorable marketing collaborations with top brands nationwide and it is a proven fact that face-to-face marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a loyal audience! Allow our Street Team to reinforce how incredible your product truly is, as we take your campaign directly to your audience for a truly unforgettable experience!